So, today was a momentus day. With the help of web guru, Reginald Martell, I launched my genealogical research services web site.

This blog will continue my blog,Musings Vermont, that I began in 2005 for my trip to China.  That blog contained musings on libraries, intellectual freedom, censoship, and programming at Brooks Memorial LIbrary. If you would like to read the archive for that blog, please click here.

But, to save you a click, here is the post I made on January 15, 2016, one month after my retirement from Brooks Memorial Library.

On December 18, I retired from my position at the Brooks Memorial Library as Library Director in Brattleboro Vermont. I was in that position for 22 years, and worked for the Library for a total of 37. Now, what do I do?

For the next several months I am enrolled in the Genealogical Research Certificate program at Boston University.  It is an asynchronous online program that will go for 15 weeks. There are five modules, which cover the following topics:

* Foundations of Genealogical Research
* Problem-Solving Techniques and Technology
* Evidence Evaluation and Documentation
* Forensic Genealogical Research
* Professional Genealogy

I began my career in the Texas State Genealogy Library in 1974 as a student at the GSLIS program at the University of Texas,  which is now called the ischool. So, in a way, I am coming full circle.  I will use this blog as a journal for my studies in these next 15 weeks, if I am not too overwhelmed by the course work, but what the heck, I am retired.